Monday, 8 August 2016

Buy or Rent: Make your Choice

The one dilemma a buyer faces particularly in the residential real estate market is whether to buy the place or save a few bucks for now and rent it. And money might not be the only decision for this conflict. Let us try to understand and help the buyers:

Visualize your Dream
You must know what you’re looking for. It may be a neighborhood
or a specific locality that you might be looking for and based on that, you should be choosing to buy what you found or rent it for a while.
Nearby Café or Customize Bedroom
Another decision that you need to make is about your priorities. Are you looking for reliable facilities like hospital, café or gym etc. or you’re more interested in customizing the place according to yourself? While the former can only be afforded by renting, the latter requires you to buy the place.
Is that it…yet?
Renting gives you the flexibility to keep moving as long as you don’t find the one place you’d like to live in permanently. But having that said, let us assume you go for renting and tomorrow your land lord comes goes all nuts and asks you to raise the rent or leave the place, what would you do? This is the kind of instability that asks for buying a place of your own as soon as possible.

Ultimately, buying or renting is a personal decision. The points above can help you weigh your priorities but the final decision still stays with you.

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