Saturday, 31 December 2016

Here is the only capital city, where the property transaction numbers has increased in the past year

The Adelaide has been proved to be the popular amongst the buyers in the past 12 months with the figures revealing that it was the only capital city, which established the record a lift in property transaction numbers. It was found that it dropped in almost every other capital city. While the Adelaide bucked the trend, it was found that it only just scrapped into the positive territory with a transaction levels lifting up to 0.2 per cent. The biggest drop in sales department was seen in the Melbourne, which was down by 21.4 per cent in the 12 months to October.

The high priced was initially seen in the Sydney property market, where it was experienced a very significant drop as well with the sales numbers down by 18.2 per cent.

The Darwin transaction numbers also fell by 12.5 per cent, Canberra 6.2 per cent, Perth, 5.3 per cent and Hobart 4.9 per cent. According to the CoreLogic in the year to October there were 451,461 settled property sales in the nation.

The report also said that although sales remained much lower than they were a year ago, over recent months there had been a lift in settled sales.

“Importantly these figures only count settled sales; off-the-plan sales are unsettled and will not settle until they are completed, at that time these sales will be counted at their contract date,’’ it said.

“Given this, it is expected that recent years of sales activity will be revised higher over the coming years once these settlements occur.’’ The report further added.

Saturday, 24 December 2016

How to held a hot Auction

Dan Ware, who is a licensed real estate agent and a very good auctioneer with the LJ Hooker in sub-tropical Rockhampton in Queensland, has a few amazing ideas about hosting the successful auction on a hot day. “Auctions are on the rise in this part of the world and having one certainly reduces the total days on market, which is attractive to sellers. If it’s hot – and it usually is – we just adapt,” Ware said.  So, folks today hear from him how you can held up a nice and warm auction.

Few things are the key to just ensuring a very successful action.

1. The Prominent Timing

“Firstly, we set an appropriate time for the auction and often have them early in the day, before the heat really kicks in,” he said.

2. Preferred Location

“Then, if the auction is on-site, we ensure we have a shady spot for it to take place,” Ware said.
Ware said, "genuine buyers will always turn up for an auction, despite the conditions".

“It might be a bit uncomfortable, but if a house ticks all the boxes for a buyer, they will be there, hot or not,” he added

“People can be pretty laid-back up here, so it can sometimes take a bit for an auction to get going, but having an auction campaign means the vendor has a good sense of what price their property might make, because people have already been through and given their feedback. And as an agent, we have an indication of how many genuine buyers are out there.” he further added

The market in Rockhampton is “on the up”, Ware says, thanks to low-interest rates and recent news that a nearby coal mine is hiring new staff. “If mining gets up and going again, we expect the investors to flock,” he said.
So, here was the full or can say partial glimpses of holding an amazing and warmed auction.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

The Property set to become ‘worst investment’ this time

The latest expert has just warned of a down turn in the property market, the economist Chris Richardson of Deloitte Access Economics said, “Property was set to become the “worst investment” over coming decades.”
Mr Richardson has told the AFR, “A looming bust in apartment prices and the fact that official interest rates won’t stay low forever could lead to a shake-out.”
His comments are just following the Reserve Bank of Australia warning that came on Friday about the very possible oversupply of the inner city apartments.
These all things have just added up to the difficult time, which is ahead but Nigel Stapledon, who is of the UNSW Business School said, “he didn’t think the scariest of scenarios would happen”
Dr Stapledon also said, “it was possible real estate could become the “worst investment” but a rise in interest rates would also impact other investments including the bond market.”
“The fact that interest rates are low means that returns (in general) are going to be low,” he added.
Even though if the interest rates didn’t go up, Dr Stapledon, “said it was unlikely people would see huge gains like before.”
“More recently we’ve experienced people doing very well out of housing but that’s in part because of low interest rates driving asset prices up,” he said. “That’s a one-off and that’s not going to be repeated.” He added further.
So, this startling news is a warm the ears of the investors that, it’s not the perfect time to go for investment.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

The season of the auctions

This month can be considered as the auction season as there are many auctions holding up and the people are making profits from it. Recently, about $8 million worth of the property was sold at the Ray White Commercial GC South’s recent in the room auctions.

The Ray White Commercial GC South principal Jared Hodge talked about his success auction part and said that the Currumbin auction was the tremendous success with 10 out of 13 properties sold out.

He also said that it was also the raised expectations for the Summer Spectacular at the Twin Towns, and the Tweed Heads January 22, 2017.

“We are finishing 2016 with a bang and now we look forward to another great auction event to usher in the New Year involving the combined efforts of all seven GC South offices,” he told.

“Twin Towns has been booked out for the Summer Spectacular and we are aiming to have more than 50 commercial, residential and rural properties on offer on the day.” He said.

“Last year was an outstanding result with 29 out of 40 properties sold, resulting in sales of more than $16 million.” He added

The Ray White’s chief auctioneer Mr. Philip Parker will be in charge of the further proceedings at the Summer Spectacular.

“Attending our Auction Spectacular on January 22, 2017 is also a great way to get up to speed on what the local market is doing,” he said.

“List your property for sale or just come along on auction day and join in the excitement.” He further added.

This time feels to be a great time of the year as the big real estate business men’s are just making terrific profit.

Friday, 2 December 2016

The Real Estate Warning

The real estate buyers and sellers have been warned about the very amazing thing they are told  to wary of online companies promising to connect them with the best possible agent in their area to help with their property transactions.

Most of the consumers assume the consolidation, once contacted, they just go for checking all the agents operating in their suburb, who are carrying out due diligence on them and then thin k and afterwards work out which ones is the best suited for their needs. But in the present time it’s a trend or don't know what’s there they just turn out to be simply computer programs aggregating agents in the suburb and passing their details and fees on with no checks or balances – and then they are claiming for the commission from any successful agents.

“Some of their claims are very misleading,” says the agent Doug Driscoll, the CEO of real estate agency Starr Partners. “To read their ads, you’d assume they do all the legwork for you as the consumer. But most of them don’t.

“They’re just automated systems that, once you’ve put in your details, spit out agents and then demand to be paid from the agents – who have often already been in touch with those vendors — and threaten legal action.”

There is a one services, named Local Agent Finder, that says that they’re in the process of improving their operation. Chairman and one of the founders Rupert Greenhough says from now more and more information would be rendered to the consumers, with endorsements from other customers later this year or early next.

“And on the agent side, a new agent portal is being progressively rolled out at the moment,” he says. “From time to time, we’ll inevitably have disagreements but over time we’re working to increasingly reach out to our customers.”

Which option is suitable? Can anyone guess?

Friday, 25 November 2016

Next Booming Suburbs

There are few facts you may not know about Melbourne sunny suburbs. Extensive investment in infrastructure and amenities will drive demand for property and pull up prices. The property market in the city of Casey, in Melbourne south-east has been growing with many suburbs attracting rising sales activity. The area’s rising population demands new housing estates and the state government long term planning document has identified several suburbs in Casey to play a major role in service delivery and creating employment. There are few more cities that are going extremely well in housing estates.

    Logan city

Logan city combines affordable property, good infrastructure and proximity to job hubs, many of the region older suburbs have been revitalized through urban renewal projects and Logan is already one of the fastest growing municipalities in development on the way.

     Morton bay,

The region offers affordable housing as well as good rail and road links to Brisbane and the sunshine coast, making it a strategically placed property market.

     Sunshine coast,

Billions of dollars in service upgrades, including the development of a $5 billion medical hub, are driving an influx of new jobs to the area, in the process, boosting demand for housing.

     Hobart, Tas:

Tasmania’s economy is rising on the back of big improvements in tourism and business investment after years of lackluster economic activity. The property market has started to respond, with sales activity steadily improving since 2012.  

  These were the few suburbs that can give you a new lease of life.


Friday, 18 November 2016

Melbourn Real Estate price is continuously climbing

When talking about Australia, how one can forget to address the elephant in the room , means Melbourne. 
The market of Melbourne is one of the best for sellers of houses and apartments in a number of years, REIV CEO Geoff White has announced this.

While releasing the latest property prices for the every Melbourne suburb, he said that the Spring market is delivering everything  that the home sellers needed: solid price growth, high clearance rates, and off course the strong buyer demand.

In the month of September, the city’s median house price increased from 3.2 per cent to $740,000 Melbourne-wide, he told.

“The median price increase is taking place in tandem with a Spring clearance rate of close to 80 per cent, the highest in seven years,” he added.

Everything is basically aligned for the sellers, who are benefitting from strong buyer confidence and record low interest rates.
Talking more the Melbourne’s inner and middle suburbs, those were the main growth drivers in the September quarter with house prices in these regions was up 4.2 and 3.5 per cent respectively.

 Well, After two such successive quarters of strong price growth, the city’s outer suburbs also recorded more moderate growth of 1.1 per cent. 

Apart from this the apartment prices across the city also increased in the September quarter with the metropolitan median up 2.1 per cent to $545,500. 
As the price is climbing high it can be said that  the investment in the suburbs of the Melbourne is a nice option to carry on, as it seems benefiting in a long term.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Melbourne Cheapest Suburbs

Talking about the Melbourne rental system and this new news has come; the actual and median rental price in Melbourne is $458 a week, and as the new figures have arrived, it is quite impossible to have a better deal without sacrificing the location.

Well, it is the bitterly sweet truth that the sophisticated areas of any place always cost high, if you are planning to shift but also when talking about the suburbs area of Melbourne, still the price confliction comes.

The rental price always varies and moving just a few kilometers away can mean spending a lot less on the rent. However, the renters also require a place from where they can be near to their workplace within 10 kilometers from Melbourne CBD'S. So, how one can have both the things in one hand?

The answer is Gardenvale, the cheapest suburb that anyone can find within 10 kilometers of Melbourne CBD. In the Gardenvale, the renters can find the price $295 per week, which is quite cheap. Apart from Gardenvale, Footscray also offers median rent about $320 per week to the renters.  Following these two Kingsville, also offers the median price $330, which is a good amount but not too expensive that nobody can afford.

So, from the price value, the comfort level in terms of expenditure can be easily drawn as these places are quite near to the working place and also have a nice surrounding.

Monday, 7 November 2016


The big argument this week was whether Gen Ys should forgo some smashed avo to save up for a house.
 If your baby boomer parents are hassling you about speeding up into the market to avoid being locked out forever, here are a few responses you can shoot back while you sit down, eat your smashed avo, sip your latte and relax.
·         Australian real estate has never been more expensive
A recent study by global investment bank UBS, using a technique developed by a branch of the US Federal Reserve, showed Australian house prices were about 7 percent above previous peaks in 2003, 2007 and 2010.

·         We do not have a property shortage and are heading for a glut

Prices have jumped because we have a terrible housing shortage, I hear the property spruikers reply.
Even in those locations where we might have had a scarcity, it will soon be replaced by a glut.

·         We are in one of the world's biggest property bubbles

Seriously, prices are at record highs in Australia's two biggest cities, and many other areas, in absolute terms, comparative to incomes, relative to rents, relative to just about any other measure you care to name. At the same time, household debt, and particularly housing debt, is at a record high.

·         Inflation is not going to help you pay off your massive debt

Basically, rates are stumpy because inflation is low. Inflation is low because wage enlargement is slow. Slow wage growth means that the size of your repayments doesn't contract much relative to your pay packet over the decades it takes to pay off a home loan.
This is in difference to most of the baby boomers. Yes, they had to put up with crest mortgage interest rates of 17 percent for a while, but inflation was also much higher which meant the real size of their debt and repayments fell over the life of the loan.

·         Interest rates are more likely to rise than fall

There's additional bad news. If inflation does pick up over the medium and longer term, then an inflation-targeting Reserve Bank will have to raise interest rates in response.
While you can get a sub-4 per cent interest rate on many home loans now, more typical interest rates would be around 6.3 percent, which is the average discount variable rate over the past 12 years.

·         The dangers of negative equity

If you consider that we are in an overvalued housing market, then a key danger you should think about is negative equity. This is where you owe more to the bank on your home loan than your house or flat is value.
Provided you can afford the loan it doesn't have to be a disaster, as you can often ride out a fall in prices by not selling and wait for an ultimate recovery.
But it could be a long wait and, in the meantime, you are successfully locked into your home and mortgage because if you sold you couldn't pay back the bank and you'd be bankrupt.


Being older doesn’t automatically mean you are wiser.
A new study reveals how Gen Ys are outsmarting their baby boomer counterparts when it comes to the property market.
The findings from renovation and design platform Houzz demonstrate that more than half of Australian homeowners took on a home renovation in 2015, with a similar portion planning to do so in this year.
The main reasons for renovating versus buying a new ‘perfect’ home comprise wanting to stay in the same land/lot, longing to remain in their current neighborhood or because it is more affordable.
However, if you excavate down into the data, you will find that the age group most likely to renovate because it is the most reasonable option is Gen Y.
In this generation, more than a third  cited affordability as the top reason for renovating versus buying.
According to Houzz’s managing director Jason Chuck, this is confirmation of how intellectual young buyers are being when it comes to buying into the property market.
“I think specified the current real estate climate they are reasonably active when it comes to home upgrades and this allows them to be more open minded to the types of homes they are eager to consider,” Mr. Chuck told.
“I think they’re thinking a lot more proactively around their home and I think they are putting a lot of consideration into the fact they are trying to find homes they can invest in and that they believe are going to be a strong return on investment.
“We are hearing from this generation that they recognize the homes that can be renovated are a much better return on investment. It is something they can devote in overtime as well.”
This is in contrast to the older demographic who emerged as less open minded and more likely to “try and stay in the same place”.

“We do find that 85 per cent of millennial is hiring proficient help for their renovation projects. Some of the most popular trades that they enlist help for are electricians, plumbers, and carpenters,” Mr. Chuck said.
Before you say, pshaw, it will by no means happen, stop and think. It already has, about four decades ago, when baby boomers – the last generation of this size – took both the political and the economic status quo, twisted it on its head and shook it. The catalyst for what is happening today is pretty different – an economic crisis rather than a war – but it’s far from impossible that the combination of political and economic stressors could end up creating radically new rules of the road.

Friday, 21 October 2016


When you are seeking for a property or new home, it is important that you understand the factors influencing the property valuation. To refine your decision-making process, listed below are a few factors that can affect the upgradation or degradation of a real estate investment or the property value.

1. Location
The prime factor that strikes everyone’s mind first is the location of the property they are going to buy. Employment centers, medical facilities, shops, and schools are a determining factor for many families and young couples when buying a home. Exposure to a wide array of local amenities and good transport links increases the value of the potential property.
2. Geographical Stability
Geographical stability is another important factor that is taken into consideration while looking for a property. Areas that are prone to the effects of natural calamities, such as flooding, tsunamis, earthquakes, or volcanic activity, are poor choices when buying property. You would be concerned about your family’s safety, in addition to your loan viability and your insurance costs.
3. Age and Condition

The age of a property doesn’t directly reduce its value. However, the condition of a property makes a vast difference. An old but well-maintained property can achieve a valuation that is the same as that of a new build of equivalent specifications. Keeping your potential property well-maintained will keep its value high.
4. Size and Improvement

The size of a home affects the initial and basic value of the property. The good renovation also helps to hike the property value. However, making poor renovation choices will cause your potential house to reduce in value. Updating kitchens, replacing flooring, repainting walls, and adding landscaping can add to the value of a home.
Home loans can be taken for improvising the existing property. An expert should be consulted to renovate in a professional and specialized way to earn better profits. The benefit earned should be equal or higher than the loan taken.
5. Population Movement

In any country, population densities incline to areas that are more attractive. This is a slow process and can be difficult to predict or identify. However, you should understand how this dynamics may affect the value of your potential property.
If the employment hub of a city moves from the center of the town to the outskirts, half of the city will have to travel farther to work, reducing the value of a real estate property in terms of its ‘proximity to employment hub’ factor. The other half of the city, in turn, receives a boost to their property values for being closer to the employment hub.
6. Legalities, taxes, urban zoning

Taxation zoning, government development, and economic stability play an important role in the longevity of real estate. Changes to zoning within a town or a city can influence the value of a property. Increased taxation in the center of the city will decline the value of residential property in the area, making it cheaper for residents to live outside the center and commute.
Conversely, this could also increase levels of property value by introducing a new employment hub.
7. Surrounding Area

The neighborhood or general area surrounding your home can adversely affect your home's value. Some neighborhoods are more desirable than others. Also, some areas are avoided because of major traffic or highly busy roads due to commercial activities.

Paying close attention to the dynamics of developments (or those planned) for the areas adjacent to your property will be a key factor in determining the increase or decrease in value of your real estate investment.

So, location, improvements, general area and the time of year can affect property value. Keeping in mind the key factors, the value of the property can be increased multiple times.

Friday, 14 October 2016


Real estate comprises a significant portion of most people's wealth. There are certain factors we simply can’t control when it comes to the productivity of the real estate market. Here are some things to consider when evaluating your potential success in the field.

·       Demographics:
Knowledge of demographic factors such as age, race, gender and median income of a particular area will help us presume market trends and better position your homes for sale. It is a significant factor that affects how real estate is priced and what types of properties are in demand. Shifts in the demographics of a country can have a large impact on real estate trends for several decades.

·       Interest Rates
Banks and the global economy can greatly influence the real estate market when it comes to interest rates. Changes in interest rates can majorly affect a person's ability to purchase a residential property. That is because as the interest rates fall, the cost decreases, which creates a higher demand for real estate, which hikes the prices.   Keep an eye on what’s happening in the global market and with foreign investment as these play great roles into the expectations of the local market as well.

·       Economy
Another key factor that affects the value of real estate is the overall economy. This is generally measured by the GDP, employment data, manufacturing activity, the prices of goods, etc.
The state of the economy plays a large part in the amount of money that is available for people to buy homes. Factors such as politics and natural gas and oil production contribute to the state of the economy and, consequently, the real estate market.

·       Government Policies/Subsidies
The legislation is also another factor that can have a sizable impact on property demand and prices. Tax credits, deductions and subsidies are some of the ways the government can temporarily boost demand for real estate for as long as they are in place.

·       Environmental Consciousness
Homes today are more environmentally friendly than ever with increased awareness of builders and homebuyers. Examples include more efficient mechanical systems, extra insulation, and low-consumption water devices. Such factors should be kept in mind as they affect the interest in a particular house or apartment.

Working in real estate can be difficult but knowing how to presume its pros and cons can protect us when things turn south. Keeping these factors in mind while starting prospect for new buyers, will provide an additional advantage over other agents who simply don’t plan ahead.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Australian Housing Affordability: Mistakes in the Past

Australian Housing Affordability: Mistakes in the Past
There’s been quite a discussion about the actual reason for that is responsible for the current Housing Unaffordability issues in Australia. Most of the times, the discussion turns to be a debate about domestic and foreign investors. But a closer look into the situation tells things to be otherwise. If we look back and try to rethink about the whole situation from the beginning, the reasons get clearer.
Australian democracy is a kind of society known as the Property-Owning Democracy. It is a place where almost 70% or more of the population owns the house they live in thus majority owns the property. Let us go back to the end of Second World War. After the Second World War, Australian government not only quickly claimed their lands but also made it available for purchase to its people, the so-called “Baby Boomers”. And this was the prime reason for a Property-Owning Democracy. The idea did help the Australian government to regulate the currency. But now the population is facing the affordability crisis.
Furthermore, investments from the foreign investors along with the investors themselves also turns out to be a big point that went overlooked. It did help the economy but again the question of housing affordability stood as a nightmare for the local population.
Australia’s actions in past play a major role in the adverse situation of its current real estate market. The government needs to come up with better schemes to save Australia’s real estate market. For more updates about the Australian Real Estate keep following us.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Top 5 Australian cities for Nature Lovers

Australia is the eventual travel station for those searching encounters with wild natural beauty, cultural experiences with the aboriginal community, and exotic animals.

Visiting these cities in Australia is a must:

·       Cairns – It has the world’s biggest coral reef system. The Great Barrier Reef is the home of biodiversity where thousands of animal species and plant life dwell.

·       Sydney – In Marine Aquarium and Sydney Zoo you can literally witness thousands of native sea mammals, fish,and birds. Sydney Harbour is another breath-taking spot to include in your family album.

·       Melbourne -The Dandenong Ranges are an amazing representation of Australian flora and fauna. The natural beauty of the Great Ocean Road is something to regard, one of the most breath-taking stretches of road in the world. It has one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, the Twelve Apostles.

·       Hobart -From its composed country atmosphere to its beautiful country surroundings, Hobart has many going for it. The town is also home to family-friendly suburbs, a booming arts scene and is known to be a food lover’s paradise.

·       Darwin –This town has a relaxed and mellow approach to life that you will struggle to get anywhere else in the world. Boasting a buzzing nightlife, world-class natural scenery, and cozy weather all year round, Darwin has plenty to offer to new Australians. As it is so close to the tropics, Darwin's weather comprises the dry and wet seasons.

For people who seek nature and relaxation, once in a while visit the above cities to quench the thirst for nature.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Some Auction Winning Strategies

Auctions are an appalling prospect, even for experienced professionals, and most potential buyers believe the process becomes successful to who is wealthy. But confidence, preparation, and gestures can be as important as a robust bank balance.

The below tips might gain the auction on your favor:

·       Dress to impress -Present yourself perfectly may be wearing a suit to make the perception that you have the funds and budget to win the competition.

·       Ask the agent as to how many building reports and contract requests have been commissioned - If it is probable that there will be a tough competition, wait for someone to make a small bid before placing a bigger one about $10,000 to $20,000 under your estimated capital price. Like, if the agent is saying $270,000 plus and someone begins at $250,000, you should raise the bid to $300,000 to show you mean business.

·       Call out all your bids with full numbers – Like instead of $1,000 call $301,000 so other bidders hear appropriately where the bidding is. Make all your bids boldly and assertively as if you will not stop rather continue until you purchase the property.

·       Break down your bids to make gradual the bidding process - Like, if the auctioneer bids for $5,000 and asks $1,000 or $2,500 bids so that the speed is graduated.

·       Use technical knockout bids, by doubling or tripling other bidder’s price to try and spirit them out. You can also pretend to be out and wait until the 3rdcall, before entering in again with a winning bid.

Accrued property owner guide the new bidders so that they can master this bidding auction game.