Friday, 25 November 2016

Next Booming Suburbs

There are few facts you may not know about Melbourne sunny suburbs. Extensive investment in infrastructure and amenities will drive demand for property and pull up prices. The property market in the city of Casey, in Melbourne south-east has been growing with many suburbs attracting rising sales activity. The area’s rising population demands new housing estates and the state government long term planning document has identified several suburbs in Casey to play a major role in service delivery and creating employment. There are few more cities that are going extremely well in housing estates.

    Logan city

Logan city combines affordable property, good infrastructure and proximity to job hubs, many of the region older suburbs have been revitalized through urban renewal projects and Logan is already one of the fastest growing municipalities in development on the way.

     Morton bay,

The region offers affordable housing as well as good rail and road links to Brisbane and the sunshine coast, making it a strategically placed property market.

     Sunshine coast,

Billions of dollars in service upgrades, including the development of a $5 billion medical hub, are driving an influx of new jobs to the area, in the process, boosting demand for housing.

     Hobart, Tas:

Tasmania’s economy is rising on the back of big improvements in tourism and business investment after years of lackluster economic activity. The property market has started to respond, with sales activity steadily improving since 2012.  

  These were the few suburbs that can give you a new lease of life.


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