Saturday, 12 November 2016

Melbourne Cheapest Suburbs

Talking about the Melbourne rental system and this new news has come; the actual and median rental price in Melbourne is $458 a week, and as the new figures have arrived, it is quite impossible to have a better deal without sacrificing the location.

Well, it is the bitterly sweet truth that the sophisticated areas of any place always cost high, if you are planning to shift but also when talking about the suburbs area of Melbourne, still the price confliction comes.

The rental price always varies and moving just a few kilometers away can mean spending a lot less on the rent. However, the renters also require a place from where they can be near to their workplace within 10 kilometers from Melbourne CBD'S. So, how one can have both the things in one hand?

The answer is Gardenvale, the cheapest suburb that anyone can find within 10 kilometers of Melbourne CBD. In the Gardenvale, the renters can find the price $295 per week, which is quite cheap. Apart from Gardenvale, Footscray also offers median rent about $320 per week to the renters.  Following these two Kingsville, also offers the median price $330, which is a good amount but not too expensive that nobody can afford.

So, from the price value, the comfort level in terms of expenditure can be easily drawn as these places are quite near to the working place and also have a nice surrounding.

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