Saturday, 31 December 2016

Here is the only capital city, where the property transaction numbers has increased in the past year

The Adelaide has been proved to be the popular amongst the buyers in the past 12 months with the figures revealing that it was the only capital city, which established the record a lift in property transaction numbers. It was found that it dropped in almost every other capital city. While the Adelaide bucked the trend, it was found that it only just scrapped into the positive territory with a transaction levels lifting up to 0.2 per cent. The biggest drop in sales department was seen in the Melbourne, which was down by 21.4 per cent in the 12 months to October.

The high priced was initially seen in the Sydney property market, where it was experienced a very significant drop as well with the sales numbers down by 18.2 per cent.

The Darwin transaction numbers also fell by 12.5 per cent, Canberra 6.2 per cent, Perth, 5.3 per cent and Hobart 4.9 per cent. According to the CoreLogic in the year to October there were 451,461 settled property sales in the nation.

The report also said that although sales remained much lower than they were a year ago, over recent months there had been a lift in settled sales.

“Importantly these figures only count settled sales; off-the-plan sales are unsettled and will not settle until they are completed, at that time these sales will be counted at their contract date,’’ it said.

“Given this, it is expected that recent years of sales activity will be revised higher over the coming years once these settlements occur.’’ The report further added.

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