Thursday, 15 September 2016

Things to consider when interviewing Property Management Companies

Rental and property management companies are critical for any prospective renter. But searching for the right property manager is an overlooked step. Instead, it's time to take control and weigh your options with each property management company. Look for the following signs.

1. Yard Work
Okay so you have a yard, and once you put it out with your rental, you need to know what charges they will maintain your yard.  Mowing, landscaping, snow removal whatever may it be, ask them for the cost of each.
2 – Reserve cash
Reserves are amounts set aside for any emergency that might come up. Every manager would ask for some. Try to gather a general idea of reserves of each of your options.
3 – Accounting
Ask when the manager will mail the accounting statements to you. Ask for the details and don't feel shy to enquire about any query in the dictation.
4-Background check
How old is the company? Are they even licensed?? How many properties have they managed? Any testimonials anywhere? Dig in their yard for any shiny object or skeleton.
5– Vacancies
Never pay for filling up vacancies. Make it a rule. Shut the case and say your goodbyes to any company who asks for a portion for filling in a vacancy. You're paying your manager. Isn't that enough?
6- Advertising
Always make a note of how the company advertises the properties. Look for all the factors like the rent signs on lawn and the pictures up on the adverts to know their effective advertising strategies. Check if they are putting all the options in the sun right from classifieds to free online resources.
Remember that the interview process is the best stage. The prospective property managers are trying to rope you in. Instead of thinking that all will be well, turn into a ruthless interviewer concerned about his property.

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